Isle of Iournia is the first test campaign for the Universal Table Top Adventure System, running on version 0.0.5 as of 10/30/2016. The Game Master is Loren Jensen, the game system’s lead designer and producer.

The game takes place in the designer’s custom campaign setting of Epoch, on an island known as Iournia located to the west of a region called Altaria. the players find themselves in an old prison; they know vaguely who they are and that they are here for some purpose, but they don’t know what that purpose is or how they got to the prison in the first place. It is up to them to get out the prison and discover their purpose on Iournia.*

*If this premise sounds like a rip off of Dark Souls 1, it basically is. The characters aren’t exactly suffering from the Curse of the Undead, but they are dealing with something close to that and will find themselves on an adventure with similarly vague goals, meeting characters with dubious motivations. More importantly, this set up was chosen for its easy set up and and a simple mechanic for bringing dead characters back to life, making it perfect for a system in progress in which the game developer is still working out what makes for a balanced encounter.

UTTAS Isle of Iournia